The self-proclaimed super spreader of gossip Karan Johar dropped the 7th episode of Koffee with Karan S7 featuring Vicky Kaushal and Siddharth Malhotra where the energy metre was turned to maximum!

The Punjabi munde graced the magic couch where some wishes have already manifested *ahem ahem VicKat* while others hope the same.

Not a long time ago, Vicky and Katrina’s private wedding was the grist for the gossip mill, and ever since it was in this episode that we saw Vicky being so candid discussing his marriage with Katrina. Here are the moments that screamed Vicky’s love for his wife Katrina.  

1. When Vicky recreated the iconic ‘fainting’ moment on the couch. 

Well, the place where it all got manifested.

2. When Vicky claimed that he truly feels ‘settled’ after getting married to Katrina. 

Okay, how many of the men you know in your life will ever end up saying this? 

3. When Vicky couldn’t stop enlisting some of his wife’s best traits, proving his immense respect for her. 

Your partner is your finest critic, no lies. 

4. When Vicky talked about his ‘dream coming to reality’ moment. 

The first time he realised that Katrina knew he existed. You never forget your first, after all. 

5. When he talked about the ‘quality time’ he likes to spend with his wife.

Tough Punjabi munda talking about Tender Love and Care extends beyond the things we expected from this episode. 

6. When he revealed what Katrina thought about his hot bod in the picture. 

By now, Vicky is clearly accustomed to Katrina and her knack for good pictures.

7. When Vicky is still fascinated by even a piece of trivia about Katrina.

Wanna know the secret to a successful marriage? Never stop gushing over your partner. 

8. When a cute social media comment about Vicky and Kat turned him into mush.

I like this comment, he said twice. 

9. When even his wordplay aligned with his feeling of bein fortunate enough to marry Katrina.

Nothing to miss.

10. When even his words of wisdom reflected how happy and content he is after marriage. 

Typical desi boy next door you crave. 

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