Disclaimer: Article contains spoilers from the show.

The new Netflix original series Lupin, based on the gentleman burglar, Arsene Lupin, shows Assane Diop (Omar Sy in the lead character) up against the world to avenge his father’s death.

Watching Assane pull off heists in disguise is both, fun and addictive. Here’s some of the best moments from the show that we’ll remember until the second season releases.

1. When Assane takes everyone by surprise by bidding 60 million euros and wins the necklace in the auction.

While the main premise of the series is revenge and theft, there’s also social commentary that reeks of racial discrimination. 

2. When Assane Diop cleverly manages to steal the Queen’s necklace from the Louvre.

Assane replaces the original necklace with a fake piece by throwing the original one into the garbage bin and retreiving it while working as a janitor.


3. When young Assane opens the last gift left behind by his father and finds the book on Arsene Lupin.

Assane’s father committed suicide in prison after being framed wrongly for stealing the Queen’s necklace by his employer, Hubert Pellegrini. The entire series revolved around him planning to get the necklace back and prove that his father was innocent.

4. When Assane escapes from the park and confuses the police by getting several delivery boys dressed like him.

Assane Diop calls Juliette, Hubert Pellegrini’s daughter, to the park and meets her dressed as a food delivery boy. When the police gets a lead, they reach the park only to get confused by Assane’s tricks and see several delivery boys.

5. When the police officer, Youssef, identifies that ‘Paul Sernine’, the name Assane uses during the auction of the necklace, and ‘Arsene Lupin’ are anagrams.

This is one breakthrough moment in the show during the police investigation to catch the thief of the necklace.

6. When Assane fakes suicide to escape from the prison and wows us by his tricks.

The background commentary:

And finally no matter what tactics you use, it’s the outcome that matters.

Assane escapes while being taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

7. When Assane kidnaps Commissioner Dumont from the city hall, disguised as an IT guy.

Almost midway in the show, Assane digs deeper for the truth and starts by kidnapping police commissioner Dumont who was incharge of his father, Babakar’s case.

He even embarrases the commissioner by shouting about erasing his porn when asked to show his ID.

Embarrased, Dumont walks with him and ends up getting kidnapped.

8. When the police follow Assane to find Dumont and are startled to know that he had kept the commissioner at the city hall itself.

9. When Assane easily retrieves a VHS tape from Fabienne’s old office archives room disguised as an informant.

Dumont tells Assane that only Fabienne, the journalist who uncovered Hubert Pellegrini’s wrong deeds, could help him. Assane reaches out to Fabienne, who agrees to help him and takes him to her old office to fetch proof against Hubert Pellegrini.

10. When an old Fabienne expresses her excitement on returning to journalism after 10 long years.

Fabienne attends Hubert Pellegrini’s press conference and asks a question about the terrorist attack and how he was responsible. On seeing Fabienne, Hubert shuts down the press conference.

11. When Assane takes Fabienne’s dog, J’accuse, with him after the journalist is murdered by one of Hubert Pellegrini’s men.

The bond between Assane and J’accuse is my personal favourite part of the show. The duo develop a connection of trust and love within no time.

With Raoul, Assane and Claire’s son, being kidnapped by Hubert Pellegrini’s man, the show ends with a cliffhanger, promising another season soon, that has already been announced. 

Looking forward to some more fun and intriguing mystery at display.