Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai was that rare talk show that managed to share the lives of celebrities without sensationalizing it for views or TRPs. Offering a heartfelt insight into the lives of our favourite celebrities, each episode of Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai was a delight to watch. 

But easily one of the most memorable and enjoyable episodes from the show was when Shah Rukh Khan was the guest. Here’s a look at some of the best moments from the episode:

1. When Shah Rukh Khan talked about how one of his first directors, Aziz Mirza (who cast Shah Rukh in 4 out of 5 of his movies), helped arrange a special viewing of the first episode of the show Circus for his mother. She was extremely ill, and on her deathbed at the time. 

Aziz told Shah Rukh’s mother that he would one day be a huge star. 

Don’t worry, he’ll become an actor, he’ll become a famous actor. One day he’ll be like Dilip Kumar. 

2. When Shah Rukh thanked his first director (Aziz Mirsa), producer (Vivek Vaswani), and co-star (Juhi Chawla), for supporting him when he was just starting out. 

There are 3-4 families in Bombay, because of whom I found a family. I am from Delhi and I lost my parents, and these 3 are the most responsible for me feeling, I could become an actor. I’ve eaten their food, I’ve slept in their houses… this is the family that gave a ‘brown, scrawny guy’ a break. 

3. When he talked about his school gang, “C-Gang”, that he formed with his friends, after watching movies like Grease. He shared how they would all wear grey Nike shoes, and make the ‘C’ by cutting the zero on Maruti 800 into half. 

4. When his friends shared how Shah Rukh Khan pranked his teacher and pretended to have an epileptic fit, just so he and his friends could bunk the class.

5. When his former school principal, Brother D’Souza, shared that when he asked Shah Rukh’s mom about what she thinks of him becoming an actor (without any connections), she confidently stated, “If my Shah Rukh says it’ll happen, it will happen.”

Shah Rukh also shared that he has no idols, but Brother D’Souza is the only man in the world he looked up to, and he is the ‘guiding light’ in his life. 

6. When his wife Gauri’s friends shared their first impression about Shah Rukh Khan and shared his secrets. Like how he choreographed a dance for them, taught one of them, Economics, and how he wooed not just Gauri, but also her family. 

7. When Gauri’s father had this to say about Shah Rukh Khan:

Badi muddat se hota deedawar paida… he’s one of them. 

8. Whan famous theatre director and teacher, Barry John, talked about how he thought Shah Rukh Khan was actually a singer, not a dancer or actor when they first met. He also added that the credit for Shah Rukh’s success goes to Shah Rukh alone. 

9. When the paan shop owner Shah Rukh visited when he was younger talked about how Shah Rukh asked him to address as Khan bhai, and not Maalik or Sahab. 

10. When Shah Rukh’s close friend, Benny Thomas, gave an insight into Shah Rukh’s ambitious drive. 

11. When Col. Raj Kumaar Kapoor, the director of Fauji (the show that made Shah Rukh a household name), talked about how he landed the role of a Commando. Col. Kapoor took all the applicants for a run, and while half of them ran away, Shah Rukh continued on. 

Col. Kapoor even shared how he nailed one of the stunts (involving a somersault and dive) in just one take. In fact, Shah Rukh heard about the audition by chance, when his mother shared with Col. Kapoor’s son-in-law, that he was an actor. 

12. When Brother D’Souza actually turned up on the set and described what Shah Rukh Khan is a good example of. 

As a teacher, what I’d like to say, he is a good example of someone who knew how to stretch his boundaries and achieve what he had to achieve. 

You can see the entire episode here:

All images are screenshots from the episode on YouTube.