I was recently going through my watchlist suggestions on Netflix when an independent film titled, The Lift Boy caught my eye. To my surprise, the film was a heartwarming, coming-of-age story about a talented budding engineer (Raju) who succumbs to the pressure after his father’s cardiac arrest and temporarily replaces him as a lift operator. 


The movie unravels Raju’s transitional journey of initially being ashamed of his father’s profession and later growing fond of it while learning various life-lessons on the way. 


These wholesome scenes from this emotional roller-coaster have made an imprint and stayed with us:  

1. When Mrs. D’Souza resorts to tough love, defies Raju’s charm and urges him to not turn a blind eye towards his responsibilities: 

2. The scene where Raju prioritises his duty calls over hanging out with a potential love interest gives us some major professional and motivational goals that we seek in our lives: 

3.When Raju mustered up the courage to finally come clean to his best friend and tell him the truth about his and his father’s profession: 

4. Even though Raju initially cribs about his father’s job, he steps up his game, takes responsibility and looks after his dad’s recovery, even if it that means working as a lift operator for longer than he expected: 

5. The moment Ms. D’Souza advised Raju to accept his failures and learn from them was when Raju got motivated to pick himself up and prepare for his exams: 

6When Raju got boldly candid with Princess, confronted his family’s struggles with pride and wore it as a badge of honor: 

7. The scene where Raju’s father is opening up about his life struggles and hoping that his son doesn’t have to go through the same is heartbreaking: 

8. When Raju learns how to take full responsibility for his actions:

9. This scene where Raju’s father is forced to drop the truth bombs about his privilege and give him a harsh reality check is truly eye-opening: 

10. Mrs. D’Souza believing in Raju’s hard work and potential and pushing him to do the right thing, even when his parents had their doubts is empowering: 

From metamorphosing into a responsible adult who lives for a cause to cherishing Mrs. D’Souza’s life lessons, Raju’s journey to becoming an engineer taught him more than he could have ever imagined.