C U Soon on Amazon Prime Video is India’s first film shot completely on a computer screen. What began as an experiment, led to a 90-minute movie being captured on an iPhone in lockdown. Without any props, over-the-top funding and gimmicks, the movie managed to give us a great thriller. 

Here are moments that proved, you don’t need a big budget to make a good film:

1. When Anu met Jimmy’s mother & cousin

Jimmy told his mother that he plans to marry Anu on a video call and even got her to meet her cousin online. The moment, though rushed, was sweet and gave a glimpse into how different the lives of each person on the video call were. 

2. When Kevin hacked everything he needed to, in order to find out if Anu is safe

When Anu disappeared, Kevin logged into her Facebook account, found her details, phone number and even managed to track down the family which was keeping her in Dubai. This fast-paced thriller did not need chasing around the city to keep you hooked, it managed to do that on a simple computer screen. 

3. When Kevin found out the truth about Anu 

Kevin going through news articles as he uncovered the reason behind Anu’s disappearance was an incredibly emotional scene. And considering the fact that Fahadh wept facing a laptop through it all is a testament towards his great acting skills. 

4. When Jimmy went through the security footage 

After Anu disappeared from his apartment, we saw Jimmy finding the security footage from his building and sending it across to Kevin. Though we barely saw glimpses of the apartment and the building, it was enough to establish the storyline – no extra props needed. 

5. When Jimmy was taken to the police station 

Since the movie relied solely on screens and iPhones to keep you updated – the scene where Jimmy gave us a glimpse of the police station he was held at was incredibly impactful. Because instead of relying on violence and showing us Jimmy suffering behind bars, they showed us a disconnected call with a disheveled Jimmy. 

You can watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video.