It’s impossible to pinpoint what exactly makes War a great thriller, and undoubtedly, one of the finest films of 2019. 


It is the kind of classic thriller that you have to watch more than once (like I did) to truly understand its finesse (and ignore a constantly shaky camera). It shows Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) and Khalid (Tiger Shroff) race to save India from terrorist activities, only things are not what they appear like.

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 *It’s honestly the prequel to Mission Impossible that no one knew was needed.*

However, in case you have missed it (which is a real shame), and are planning to instead watch a drama like The Irishman, then let me try and change your mind by taking you through some of the best moments of the film: 

1. The film is a great example of how courtesy ain’t dead. Because a villain waits for the hero to finish his speech before trying (and failing) to kill them. Just like terrorists in real life. 

2. The epic moment when Khalid and Kabir finish off a terrorist through their kicks, even when they have a whole team waiting in the background with guns in their hands. 

3. The scene where Khalid’s body was attached to every possible medical equipment – including two equipment for respiratory-assistance. But Khalid still says what he needs to says. 

4. When Khalid sees Kabir for the first time, the background score is the sound of his heartbeat skyrocketing. This is the moment that prepares you for a bromance unlike any you’ve ever seen before. 

5. When Kabir plans a murder, mid-air, he proves that the grip he has on things is far stronger than the grip you have on your life. 

Kabir builds super strong magnets and uses them to jump from one plane to another, mid-air. Because things like air pressure, gravity, physics are not as strong as those magnets that Kabir has built. 

However, during the whole ‘plane murder’ sequence, it is proved that Kabir can hang onto anything. And I mean, anything! Like a person’s foot, who himself is hanging mid-air, suspended from a plane. 

A large package that does not move, even an inch, though there is an open airplane door. 

And Kabir does not even need to hold onto anything with his hands. His shoes are doing all the work. (almost like those shoes in the 90s detective comedy, Baadshah)

The door of a car, which does not slide outside through the same open airplane door. 

6. That moment when it’s proved, once and for all, that ma ka pyaar is stronger than defense protocol.

Khalid’s mom apparently manages to find out the location that he is staying at. The same location that is supposed to be housing a secret, alpha team of the Indian defense forces. 

7. Also, every moment that shows how our ‘heroes’ are actually fireproof! 

Khalid jumps out of a burning car, only to gaze into Kabir’s eyes the next moment. Clearly, their bromance is stronger than even fire. 

Similarly, Kabir jumps out from a car, mid-air, and then a plane bursts into flames right above him. But even a single flicker of flame does not reach him. 

Or when Kabir literally rides through an explosion, without a single burn. 

*Hrithik ke saamne aag pighal jaaye, phir aap, main, aur Tiger kya cheez hain?*

8. Also, no injury is so great that it can stop our heroes from dancing through life, and top-secret missions. 

After killing a terrorist group and getting hurt in the process, Kabir has to wear a sling on his hand. 

But in the next scene, he is dancing with Khalid. 

9. Every moment that shows Tiger’s character does not walk through life, he jumps through it. The be it dancing or killing guys. 

Or when he is getting up to run behind Kabir, after falling from a moving bike.

10. Similarly, even Kabir never forgets his ‘personal brand move’ – putting on sunglasses. Then it could be when he is running from a crash, running towards a suspect, and of course, every other second in the film. 

11. Also, the not-so-subtle moment that convinces you that even Jai-Veeru did not have the kind of ‘bromance’ that Kabir and Khalid had. 

One of Kabir’s subordinate jokingly comments that she’d be willing to elope with him, Khalid has the perfect response. Because honestly, what else would a subordinate and best friend comment?

12. MAJOR SPOILER – Right at the end, the audience is made aware of how Saurabh was acting like Khalid and working against his own country and Kabir. And how did Saurabh achieve this feat? Through plastic surgery of course!

13. Also, you may think that your pen-knife is multi-purpose. But actually ‘multi-purpose’ is this defense ship which contains missile launchers that can destroy satellites, and, luxury cars you can escape in. 

A special mention to that moment where Kabir reminds Khalid aka Saurabh that he was already aware of the fact that Saurabh was impersonating Kabir. And knowing that, he consumed an antidote before Saurabh poisoned him. Basically, this is where the idea for the viral TikTok video of the betrayed boyfriend came from (if you know, you know). 

If you still haven’t watched the film, though it is available for online streaming now, then you truly are missing out on a masterpiece. Be right back, it’s time to watch this classic for the third time, because just like the number of twists in the film, two is never enough. 

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