This singer and actor has won hearts repeatedly by standing up for famers and fighting for what matters. And this isn’t the first nor the last time Diljit Dosanjh proved that he is class apart from the rest of the popstars out there. 

1. When he used his social media presence for the greater good

From standing up to bullies online to calling out Kangana Ranaut for her problematic behaviour, Diljit has always used his social media presence to talk about things that matter. He even clapped back a troll who asked him why he wished his fans on Hindu festivals. 

2. Everytime he isn’t afraid to be his 100% authentic self 

He’s open about not speaking fluent English, often talks in Punjabi and has no qualms about being who he is. He is authentic, straightforward about the issues he stands up for, including his latest stand for the farmers’ protest and always humble no matter where he goes. 

3. When he was fearless in his opinions and always showed up with proof

When alleged reports of the Income Tax department launching an investigation about him went viral, Diljit was quick to respond with a platinum certificate from the Government of India. His direct rebuttal of fake news to tarnish his reputation is a fine example of his no-nonsense attitude. 

4. He has always acknowledged his privilege and been vocal about how he owes it all to his fans and god

Not only is the actor and singer always humble, while standing next to the farmers at the protest, he acknowledged the privilege he comes from. He asked the media to not focus on Twitter wars and celebrities, and instead talk about the issue of farmers. 

5. His timeline is all about the people who love him 

Diljit Dosanjh’s Instagram has always been all about his fans who he loves and adores. His posts and Insta stories focus on the people who love singing his songs or dancing to them. 

6. When he cooked with his fans in lockdown, he actually engaged with them in a way no Indian popstar has before. 

Diljit won the lockdown with his cooking videos, and an epic battle with Alexa, that made anyone who watched them, genuinely happy. His impeccable comic timing and the sheer love to entertain his fans reflects in everything he does. 

7. He called out and apologised for his own problematic behaviour. 

Diljit has on multiple occasions apologised for his song Lak 28 Kudi Da, which he sang alongside Yo Yo Honey Singh. The singer has made public apologies and also refused to perform that song at events as he knows it objectifies women and is wrong. 

BRB, crushing on Diljit hard.