Getting married, settling down, having a baby – that’s all well and good for some people. However, that’s not what everyone wants, and that’s totally alright as well. Different people have different processes after all, as one person pointed out recently.

In an interview to The Times of India, actor Mona Singh said she had her eggs frozen at the age of 34, as, even though she loves babies, she is not mentally prepared to have one right now.  Instead, she wants to travel the world and spend time with her husband.

I have frozen my eggs and now I am free. I did that at the age of 34. Because I have gotten married now, I want to chill with my partner and travel the world with him. I haven’t done that yet. I have always travelled with my family or friends. I want to do that with my husband now. Even though I love kids, if you ask me now, I am not mentally prepared to have one. Later in life, I would definitely think about it.
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Mona is famous for her role in the hit series Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi. She will next be seen in the upcoming Zee5 series Black Widows.

Elaborating on the decision to freeze her eggs, she said,

My mother was so happy when she heard about my decision to freeze my eggs. We both went to my gynaecologist in Pune and I had to take a few months break from work as the process involves a lot of mood swings. It took about 5 months for the process and now, as I said, I am free.
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It’s encouraging to see celebrities talk openly about things like this, which are usually spoken about in hushed tones. It’s a way of breaking the taboo and normalising the fact that having a child is a highly personal decision, and should be treated as such.