Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Money Heist season 4. 

Money Heist season 4 released on Netflix last week. While fans were expecting that the heist at the Bank of Spain will be completed this season, the finale left us thrilled and waiting for more.

If you’ve watched season 4 of Money Heist, you’d know where we stand now. With Nairobi dead, Lisbon inside the Bank of Spain and Inspector Alicia Sierra finding the Professor, the show has become more interesting than ever.

Now, we do not know when the next season will be out. But fans of the show have come up with some interesting theories. Here are the most popular ones.

1. Inspector Alicia Sierra will change sides and join Professor and his gang.

At the end of season 4, we see that Alicia Sierra is successful in locating the Professor. Fans have been speculating that she will join Professor and his gang in order to take revenge on the police.

Sierra theory from r/LaCasaDePapel
La Casa De Papel Season 5 theory from r/LaCasaDePapel

2. The gang will escape from the main door of the Bank of Spain.

This time, the gang hasn’t dug any tunnel for their escape. So some fans are believing that they will escape through the main door.

According to one Reddit user, they will throw gold granules from the sky, causing chaos, that will help them escape wearing the Dali masks.

My theory of escape from Bank of Spain! from r/LaCasaDePapel

3. Berlin is Alicia Sierra’s husband.

We all know that Berlin was suffering from a mysterious disease. In season 4, Alicia reveals that her husband, German, died of cancer. She also told Raquel that his last words were, “Turn on the news”.

All this is making fans believe that there’s some connection between Alicia and Berlin. And a popular theory is that Berlin could be her husband. One more connection fans are seeing here is that Berlin is the capital city of Germany, and Alicia’s husband’s name was also ‘German’.

4. Alicia Sierra and Tatiana are the same person and her heist name is Paris.

The only person who knew everything about both the heists apart from Berlin and the Professor was Tatiana, Berlin’s girlfriend. Fans are speculating that Inspector Alicia and Tatiana are the same person. Some believe that because she could predict the Professor’s moves quite brilliantly while handling the heist.

The rescue plan’s name, ‘Plan Paris’ might also have something to do with this.

5. Gandia is still alive.

Although fans are really furious seeing that Gandia executed Nairobi, they feel that Gandia didn’t die when Bogota knocked his head on the railing while he was trying to escape.

Another reason to believe this is, the Professor needed Gandia to be alive for the execution of Plan Paris. He might be a key element for their successful escape from the Bank of Spain.

6. Alicia Sierra is faking her pregnancy.

The Sun

Some fans believe that Inspector Alicia Sierra is faking her pregnancy. According to them she is doing that to gain sympathy

7. Berlin is alive and will return in the next season.

According to one theory, Berlin was wearing a vest when he was shot by the police in the end of the 2nd season.

Also, this season showed so many flashbacks from Berlin’s wedding. All this is leading to a probability that Berlin might not be dead.

8. Tokyo is the only gang member left alive in the end.

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Starting from season 1, the entire show is narrated only by Tokyo. Fans believe that this might be because she is the only gang member who survived all the heists and is recounting all of it.


Ab hone ko toh kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Let’s wait and watch!