We couldn't help waiting for it but now that the trailer of Money Heist Part 5, Volume 2 aka the finale is finally here, it looks like we aren't ready for it. 

After a shocking climax that left Tokyo dead, and the audience devastated, the trailer showcases the Professor escaping the shadows to join his team. Clearly, the fight is out in the open now, literally. 

However, as the team struggles to process Tokyo's death, chances of their escape seem to be dwindling by the second. 

We are also treated to a few more flashbacks featuring Berlin, and Alicia Sierra is back to shooting at people - though it's still not clear if her target is the Professor's accomplices, or her former colleagues. 

The tensions are high on both sides, and as much as we may hope for it, from the looks of the trailer, it does not appear that the Professor and his team are winning. 

Of course, we are still not sure of what role Berlin's past plays in the Professor's present plans. Whatever be the case, one thing is abundantly clear, it's going to be an explosive end. You can watch the trailer here: 

All images are screenshots from the trailer. The finale will be available on Netflix from December 3.