After teasing fans with multiple glimpses, the first part of the last and final season of Money Heist is releasing today.

Now, while I’ve waited for this day ever since Sierra caught the Professor and then the show ended (like seriously, what a cliffhanger!), today, I have just one goal – to stay away from social media and avoid those spoilers till my office ends and I can binge-watch. 

And I know fellow office-goers, you are right with me on this! 


With the way the last season ended, all my free time (and even some work time) has gone in researching fan theories, birthing a few of them too, and obsessively checking Netflix and Money Heist’s social media accounts for any update on the latest season. 

But today I have to do all that I can to stay off social media because when have people EVER stuck to the no spoilers rule? 


And while there’s a lot that I love about my job, apparently it does not have a provision to take a leave to watch the final season of Money Heist. Hello HR, my old nemesis! 


So this means I have to ensure that Instagram remains down for me, Twitter does not appear in open tabs on the laptop, WhatsApp groups remain muted, and Facebook… ah, by the time things get to Facebook, I’d have seen the show. But I am going to avoid it still because better be safe than sorry! 


Of course, what’s going to be even more impossible than avoiding social media is the wait. The long, long wait for the work to end and binge-watching to begin. 

Then again I waited for 1 year and 5 months for the last season to release, so what’s a few more hours, right?