We have seen them fighting, crying, making love and kissing in the most adorable ways. Monica and Chandler were our first perfect couple, the ones we looked up to. And so when someone tweeted this, our happiness knew no bounds.

OMG! Yes, Finally!

While their dating might just be a rumour, but it sure is the best rumour we have ever heard! So, for all the hardcore Monica-Chandler fans, here are some amazing and beautiful moments that made Chandler and Monica the best couple ever:

When they meet for the first time.

When Monica loses weight and meets Chandler again. *Seduction technique gone wrong*

The time they were fighting like 16-year-old kids.

The first time they hugged. Ah! So beautiful.

When Chandler compliments Monica at Ross’ wedding in London.

The first time they hooked up.

Because it’s still London time.

When they had a bath together and almost got caught!

The first time Chandler said the three magical words.

And they end up confessing their love for each other.

The turkey dance that got awkward.

Their comfort level was the best.

When Monica decides to be a masseuse.

When Monica proposes on her knees with candles lit across the room.

When they got married and said the most beautiful things to each other.

So much awww!

When Chandler knew the one beautiful thing he had.

And when Chandler described Monica in the best way possible. *wipes tears away*

When they hold their babies together.

The couple who gave us our first perfect love story. Just get together officially you guys! You’ll have the blessings of a thousand and more people.