Unless you have been living in an isolated igloo without an internet connection, you’d know that a super addictive mash-up of Gopi Bahu and Kokila Ben’s dialogue has gone viral. 

This trippy masterpiece was created by Music producer by profession, engineer by qualification, Yashraj Mukhate and everybody is playing it on loop, ever since.

Brace yourself, because we are presenting you with a few more catchy AF, cringe-pop mashups by the same artists, that’ll get stuck in your head forever: 

1. Charsulli Gardulli X Kachar, inspired by Rakhi Sawant:

2. Kya Karun, in collaboration with Katrina Kaif’s self-proclaimed cousin. 

3. This Catchy AF Ini Thee Bininging in collaboration with Mr. Osas. 

4. An addictive rendition of the classic: 

5. Ande Garam inspired by the dialogues of a Pakistani artist: 

6. Sidebar, his experiment with AR Rhaman is amazing:  

7. Honey in the morning in collaboration with YouTube’s Chacha.

8. Trippy Maal is all you need to remember what it feels like to be stonned: 

9. Natural Face Ayee x Bhangra

Hope all your ‘main thi, tum thi, kon tha’ questions are answered now.