Mainstream movies don’t normally do the whole gore thing very well. And sure, a lot of films have been made on controversial topics and with more controversial imagery, there are only a few that truly make you sick to the core. 

Now the films mentioned below are one of a kind. You will believe that you can watch any of these without feeling a thing. But that is not advised!

1. Martyrs

When horror movie fanatics dare other horror movie fanatics to watch a film, they ask them to watch Martyrs

The French film revolves around two women, both victims of child abuse, who go on a journey for revenge. This bloody quest results in them finding themselves in the purgatory of depravity. 

The 13th Floor

2. Deliverance

Four men from the city journey into the Georgia backwater on canoes. The trouble begins when the two groups briefly separate. They are hunted by local men who rape one of them. After managing to escape they seek revenge but then, all goes to shit. 

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3. A Clockwork Orange

The Stanley Kubrik film revolves around Alex, a psychopathic delinquent, who is imprisoned for murder and rape. But he gets a chance to reduce his sentence by volunteering for an experimental therapy conducted by the govt. 

The movie was so violent and graphic that the legendary director talked to Warner Bros. and the movie was pulled from release in the UK. 


4. Revenge

This French revenge-horror drama is about a woman, Jane, who was gang raped and left to die. Needless to say, the film is very graphic and will feel extremely ‘realistic’ to the viewers. 

After narrowly escaping death, Jen goes on a mission to hunt down the men who did this to her, in a cat and mouse chase. 

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5. A Serbian Film

An aging porn star is asked to participate in an art film. Being at the end of his career, he agrees to it in order to wipe the porn-business slate clean. only to discover that had signed up for pedophilia and necrophilia.

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6. Hereditary

When the grandmother of the Graham family passes away, her daughter and grandchildren start unraveling the cryptic and sickening secrets about their ancestors in order to outrun the fate that awaited them. 


7. Mother

The film revolves around Mother played by Jennifer Lawrence and Him (Javier Bardem). They are a couple living in a secluded country home. Him is a poet and received a lot of crazy fans who make unsolicited visits to their home. 

The problem is, as the frequency of their visits increase, so does their violent behaviour towards Mother. Although the film was praised by critics, its biblical allusions, cannibalism, and infanticide can be too much to handle. 


8. Antichrist

A married couple’s (Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsburg) infant son falls out of a window and dies while they were having sex in the next room. Following this, she gets distraught but Dafoe’s character, who is a psychiatrist tried to treat her. 

He thinks that she needs to face her fears and takes her to a cabin they had been to with their son. But once they are there she becomes completely unhinged and commits sexual violence on her husband and herself. 


9. Requiem For A Drem

Based on a novel of the same name by Hubert Selby Jr., his film tells the story of four people being the victims of their own addictions. Harry and Tyrone are heroin addicts living in New York while Harry’s girlfriend Marion is also an addict trying to distance herself from her wealthy father. 

The movie is too intense with its storytelling and graphic imagery for a lot of people to digest. Also, do not watch under the influence of any substance. It will give you a bad trip that’ll last for days. 


10. Mysterious Skin

This film is based on a 2006 novel by Scott Heim of the same name. The plot follows the aftermath of two 8-year-old Kansas kids being molested by a trusting adult. 

Confused by the despicable acts committed on them, the boys try to deal with the abuse in their own ways. The film does not shy away from the true nature of pedophilia. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted but it is thought-provoking. 

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11. Happiness

Happiness is a dark comedy. And that was as much as a shock to me as it will be to you when you realise the film is about pedophilia. It was even rejected by The Sundance Film Festival due to its depictions of the subject matter. 


12. Valhalla Rising

The story takes place in the 11th century, where One-Eyed, a brutal warrior escapes captivity and travels with a boy and some Christian missionaries They accidentally end up in North America where they fight against the indigenous people.

This may seem like just another Viking film but trust my words, the action sequences are brutal and as violent as any war film you’ve ever seen. 


14. Cannibal Holocaust

The film was so realistic and violent that a case had been registered against the director for murder. He had also been arrested for the same charges. 

The movie has been shot like a found-footage film. It follows a missing team of filmmakers who were lost in the Amazon, trying to make a documentary on the lives of a tribe of cannibals. You know things get really south from here. 


15. I saw the Devil

When a female motorist’s severed head found in a local river, her devastated fiance, a trained special agent becomes obsessed with hunting down her killer. Once he finds him, he beats him up and lets him go free, thus starting a demented hunting game.

The movie can get exhausting with its depictions of violence but the direction keeps you rooted to the edge of your seat. The film carries on with a sadistic undertone, to an extent where you start questioning cheering for the good guy. 

Modern Korean Cinema

If there are any other mainstream movies that should be on this list, let us know. And for the last time, Human Centipede is not mainstream!