The human mind is messed up. Do you know that thing that you do when you see something horrifically disturbing? Yeah, it’s not looking away. Like Just. Can’t. Look. Away. Thanks brain, now you have more material for all the nightmares. Yay me. 

Aiding your nightmares, here are 10 of my favourite-will-make-you-want-to-puke-and-not-look-away-at-the-same-time, most disturbing TV show scenes. 

*Spoiler Alert* 

1. Vikings – King Alle being blood eagled 

The historical series, Vikings will transport you to a whole new world of brutality as we step into mysterious and intriguing life of Ragnar Lothbrok, a farmer and a warrior king who yearns to conquer the world in the year 793. 


Ragnar’s death is avenged by his sons when they take revenge on King Alle, the King of Northumbria, by executing him through one of the most painful and horrific execution techniques; the blood eagle. There’s pleasure in the fact that Ragnar got justice, but the scene will stay with you long, long after you’re done with it. 

2. Hannibal – Human Cello 

Hannibal is a modern take on the classic Silence of The Lambs. The show is about the FBI trying to hunt down some of the most notorious serial killers with the help of Dr Hannibal Lecter. 

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This scene is particularly disturbing in the entirety of the show, because of the sheer dedication of the killer, he not only makes Cello strings out of human guts, but he also wants his audience to marvel at his creation and applaud his soulful symphonies.  

3. Orange Is The New Black – Red losing her memory 

Orange Is The New Black is a comedy- drama series that takes us deep into the world of the American prison system, the politics, justice and the lives of women in prison. 

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One of the most disturbingly heartbreaking scenes has got to be when Red, the leader of the squad begins losing her memory due to dementia. It was pretty devastating to watch a character who once had such a bold and confident presence shrink into herself. This of course undeniably explores the horrors, and the dark side of solitary confinement, and what it can do to the human mind. 

4. The Haunting Of Hill House – The bent neck lady 

This show is about a happy family that slowly crumbles to ruins after shifting into a beautiful country house. The show blends the supernatural element along with mental health to create a perfect amalgamation of a dysfunctional, yet loving family.  

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This scene not only gives you goosebumps but is heart wrenching. Nell is one of the most loving characters in the series who deserved the world but what makes it even sadder is the fact that, what she had been running from all her life was a figment of her own self.

5. Game Of Thrones – Red Wedding 

Set in the mythical world of Westeros, Game of Thrones is about nine noble families, waging war on each other – all for the throne. 

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The massacre that took place happened during the War of the Five Kings arranged by Lord Walder Frey, plotted as an act of revenge on Robb Stark for breaking up the marriage pact between House Stark and House Frey. The scene takes place so quickly, you don’t know where to look, and what to cry about. Yes, it took days to process this. 

6. Hannibal – Human Mural 

Since the list is about the most disturbing scenes from TV shows, I thought it will be unfair to not mention Hannibal again, it’s disturbing enough to deserve to get its own list.  

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The most disturbing part about this scene is the way it unfolds, one does not expect what’s coming their way, and it sends shivers down your spine when it arrives. The sheer dedication towards art, the passion, the aesthetic, really makes you wonder where does art end and obsession begin? 

7. Sharp Objects – Amma 

This piece of art by Jean-Marc Valle dedicates itself to depict what really goes on inside the head of a person suffering from mental health issues, the brilliance of actors like Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson adds a cherry on top.   


Camille is struggling with a lot of things and her mother Adora doesn’t make life easier for her. She has seen too much, gone through too much and finally when life seems to be a little more bearable for Camille, she finds out that it’s not her mother who’s a serial killer, it’s her teenage stepsister. Now how do you beat that? 

8. Black Mirror – Playtest 

Black Mirror is a brilliant science fiction anthropology that examines modern society, and the effects of technology on humankind. 


The ending scene. That’s all. It will leave you reflecting deeper on how we live today, and how our lives have become this video game. And how the experiences we live through are discreet extensions of our gadgets, our video games, and smartphones. That’s all that there is left of us I guess.

9. Peaky Blinders – Aberama Gold pouring tar over the Billy boys 

Set in 19th century Birmingham, Peaky Blinders revolves around an epic gangster family who served as tunnellers during World War 1. 

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Grieving his son’s death, Aberama Gold pours tar into the mouths of one of the Billy Boys in order to avenge his son’s death. The scene will leave you horrified and squirmish all the same. 

10. Walking Dead – Lucille

The American post-apocalyptic series follows a group of survivors in search of a safe home, away from the zombies.   

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Thirty minutes into the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, I witnessed one of the most unsettling scenes ever. Negan, using a barbed-wire wrapped bat on Abraham’s skull shattering it to pieces, screams gory a hundred times over. 

Sorry for the nightmares.