Bigg Boss 14 ended yesterday and to say that it was dramatic, would be an understatement. Here’s a look at all the good, the bad, and the ugly moments from this season. 

1. When Rahul Vaidya accused Jaan Kumar Sanu of being a product of nepotism. A singer himself, Rahul said that Jaan only got entry into the house because of his father Kumar Sanu.

2. When Rakhi Sawant wrote contestant Abhinav Shukla’s name all over her body with red lipstick, in a weird tactic to pretend that she liked him.

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3. When Devoleena Bhattacharjee started throwing random objects in the house after Arshi said she’ll lose something she holds dear. This reminded Devoleena of her dog Angel, who was not doing well at the time.

4. When Rubina threw murky water on Rakhi Sawant for making inappropriate remarks on her husband Abhinav Shukla.

5. When one of the initial tasks of the show required women to dance for ‘Toofani Senior Sidharth Shukla’.


6. When Kavita Kaushik threatened to reveal secrets about Abhinav Shukla, got into a fight with Rubina and then walked out of the house.

7. When Rahul Vaidya proposed to his girlfriend Disha Parmar on national television. 

8. When Rakhi Sawant ripped off Rahul Mahajan’s dhoti during a task, this act invited a lot of criticism because it is straight-up harassment. Rakhi was pretending to be possessed by a demonic spirit Julie. 

9. When Jaan Kumar Sanu asked fellow-contestant Nikki Tamboli to speak in Hindi, instead of Marathi. The controversy picked up after some politicians condemned this act. The channel and Jaan, both issued apologies for the same.


10. When Vikas Gupta pushed Arshi Khan into the swimming pool and was evicted for breaching rules.

11. When Salman Khan started crying on seeing two pairs on the show (Rubina-Abhinav, Jasmin-Aly) staring at eviction.

12. When Salman Khan entered the house and cleaned Rakhi Sawant’s bed after Nikki Tamboli, who was supposed to do the task, refused to follow through. 

13. When Eijaz Khan confessed his love for Pavitra Punia and said that he wants to marry her when he is out of the house.


14. When Jasmine Bhasin accused Rahul Vaidya of being physically violent with her during the World Tour task. She was really upset about it but Salman Khan took Rahul’s side in the matter. 

15. When Rubina overcame all challenges to be declared the winner of this season.

You need a different kind of attitude to survive in this house.