Every once in a while, there comes a film that claims to be the most expensive film in India. And now it’s Baahubali’s turn to make that claim. And rightly so. With an estimated budget of a whopping 250 crores, Baahubali has raised the bar for film production… by several crores. We take this opportunity to present to you a list of the most expensive films that have released in India till date. The amount of money spent is mind-numbing:

13. Mughal-e-Azam (1.5 crores)

1.5 crores could be peanuts for a film in 2015 but way back in 1960, it was crazy money which is precisely why this film finds its way into our list.

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12. My Name Is Khan (100 crores)

Kajol-SRK pairing was the talk of the town when this film released in 2010. The other thing that came a close second was the epiglottis.

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11. I (100 crores)

When Shankar dreams, he dreams big and with each film he just raises the bar… and the budget.

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10. Jai Ho (107 crores)

Even Bhai’s presence couldn’t save the film from falling flat. I guess the idea of seeing him as a common man didn’t go down too well with his fans.

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9. Krrish 3 (115 crores)

Papa Roshan went all out in ensuring that Krrish 3 broke all records. Everyone benefited from the film, except Vivek Oberoi’s career (it still didn’t take off).

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8. Kick (120 crores)

Riding a cycle, Sallu narrowly missed being hit by the train. Fortunately for him, the film hit the right cord with the people.

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7. Kochadaiiyaan (125 crores)

Every film featuring Thalaiva in the lead costs a bomb… even if the Thalaiva’s not real!

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6. Dhoom 3 (125 crores)

High-octane chases, sports bikes, CGI generated effects and one hefty Khan salary… YRF literally machaofied dhoom with all that money!

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5. Blue (126 crores)

Shelling out all that money on Kylie Minogue didn’t really chiggy wiggy the film’s fate. I’m sure the producer couldn’t have stopped feeling blue after Blue released.

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4. Ra.One (135 crores)

SRK released his most ambitious film during the Diwali of 2011. Apart from firecrackers, what bombed was Ra.One.

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3. Bang Bang! (140 crores)

Bang Bang was all about style and swag. And with the action director of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at the helm of things, the budget had to skyrocket through the roof.

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2. Robot (150 crores)

Apart from the exotic locations, the insane costumes, the lavish sets, Rajinikanth and the beautiful Bachchan bahu … what caught my eye were the robotic lions!

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1. Baahubali (250 crores)

With an eye-popping budget, this one’s clearly the current baahubali among the pack of expensive films.

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I’m sure it won’t be long before some other film shatters Baahubali’s record.