Bigg Boss is one show which always gets good TRPs even though everyone around you seems to hate it. A lot of it can be attributed to people watching it as a ‘guilty pleasure’, but in any case, given its huge popularity, contestants really push themselves to stay inside the house.

A little too much sometimes. Here are a few humiliating/difficult/bizarre things they have had to do in the name of a ‘task’. Read on.

1. Bathing in cow dung.

One of the tasks in Bigg Boss 7 required the contestants to bathe in cow dung, and you’d best believe people actually tried. Ratan Rajput was the star of that challenge but one has to ask, at what cost?

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2. Drinking water from the dog bowl.

Another task from Bigg Boss 7 had Kushal Tandon drinking water from the bowl of a sweet golden retriever Heaven, who was trapped in the house. He carried on with it but puked soon after.

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3. Getting chili paste applied to the skin.

In one of the most infamous tasks on the show, contestants of season 8 applied mirchi ka paste on each other in a bid to break the opponent. while the trick worked, it led to many a meltdown – most notable being that of eventual winner Gautam Gulati.

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4. Having pee thrown by the other contestant.

During one of the tasks in Bigg Boss 10, Swami Om peed inside a mug and threw it on Bani J and Rohan Mehra. He was eventually evicted for the same. 

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5. Cutting hair on national television. 

This might not seem that big a deal compared to other stuff, but for actors whose livelihoods depend on how they look, it was quite extreme. The contestant who did this was Apoorva Agnihotri in Bigg Boss 7

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6. Having to act like a pet dog.

In an infuriating challenge on Bigg Boss 9, contestant Rishabh Sinha made Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchant ‘play fetch’ and react to names Oscar and Snooky, respectively. This led to a lot of ugly crying and fights, as one can imagine.

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7. Peeing in pants on live TV.

Bigg Boss 11 had a task where the contestant who was on the gym bike for the longest time was to be declared the captain of the house. The catch was, that they had to keep drinking water. Committed to getting the charge, Puneesh Sharma peed in his pants but didn’t move from the bike.

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8. Chopping off hair, eating 20 mirchis

This one is from Bigg Boss 13 and required contestant Arti Singh to chop off her hair and eat 20 chillies. The worst part is, she didn’t win the task despite doing all this.


9. Having a mixture of cow dung and mud applied on the body.

During one of the tasks in Bigg Boss 13, contestants were divided into two teams of ‘doctors’ and ‘patients’. The doctors had to torture the patients and get them out of the operation table. Taking things too far, Paras Chhabra applied mud-cow dung mixture on Siddharth Shukla.

10. Having body and face slathered with spray and foam.

This again is from the current season where the contestants put shaving cream, and basically everything they can get their hands on, on the opponents. Things turn ugly very soon.

I’d ask ‘why do they do this’ but we’ve already covered that.