That is what George R. R. Martin can do to you even after all these years. After seeing some of our favorite characters being brutally killed in the tragedy that is our Monday morning, this week we saw something that has managed to shatter our hearts into tiny little pieces, yet again. The most innocent man on the series, Hodor, whose death will bring no one any closer to the Iron Throne, was killed off in the last episode. The visuals were just mortifying to say the least. With all those white walkers creepily crawling around the cave, we were constantly praying for Bran, Meera and Hodor to escape, but Game Of Thrones threw us down on a spiral of emotions when the mystery behind his name was revealed.

‘Hold the door, hold the door’, the words I yelled out almost every other day to the elevator guy to hold the door stir up a pile of emotions in me that I never even knew I had.


The GameofThrones channel on YouTube uploaded a video where they explained the making of the cave scene. And the kind of special effects they have used to make the scene come ‘alive’, will blow your mind.

The scene where the White Walkers are walking towards the cave was shot in various parts. With shooting each element separately and combining it with the magic of visual effects, we saw the impending doom.

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The grenades that were being thrown at the army by the Children of the Forest were just not enough to escape from the tragedy. The army, as we have seen before, is just a huge sea of zombie-like creatures and they kept coming for Bran.

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Watching the white walker army follow Bran, Hodor and Meera was one of the creepiest visuals we have seen in a long time. They give you a sense of ‘no escape from the walker army’, and frankly, there is just no escape.

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And then this happened. We know we can’t trust them anymore!

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Watch the video that explains the making of this scene with interviews from the creators and the director of the episode.

Source: GameofThrones