Sadhguru is the gift that keeps on giving… in dimensions. Didn’t get it? Well, as per Sadhguru ‘feminine’ is not a gender but a dimension.

But this is not just the only dimension he has found. According to him, everything and anything is a dimension. 

I mean, thinking of ourselves as humans or things as just simple things is too mainstream. You and I are more than humans, we are legit DIMENSIONS. 

2D, 3D, 4D are just too trivial. He has come up with newer dimensions, we didn’t think we needed. 

A Twitter user found this pattern and we can’t help but say that this user is a whole different ‘dimension’. 

The next time, life gives you lemons, turn them into a dimension. 

Who said it’s inception and not ‘dimenception?’

Hello excuse me, you don’t breathe in air but a dimension. 

Turns out, dimensions can buy you happiness. 

Take a sip of nimbu paani (speaking realistically cus it’s mid-week & during working hours), every time he says dimensions. 

And, if you haven’t had enough and want to reach a different dimension, you can contact him. It looks like he has a part-time travel agency for people who want to travel to a different *drum rolls* DIMENSION. 

In the entire 24 years of my life, this is the most I have heard of dimension and all I can say is, I need a dimension to get over it lol. 

I’d put a concluding line but what’s the point? Everything is a dimension.