Netflix’s latest period drama Bridgerton was on almost everyone’s long weekend binge-list. While this renaissance themed series was all heart, there’s a whole different reason this show caught our attention.   

The reason: The Duke of Hastings AKA Simon Bassett  

Actor Regé-Jean Page is this handsome Duke with his smouldering looks and his scandalous persona in this period piece that follows British high society’s romantic pursuits.         

Every show watcher has literally been hypnotized by this 30-year-old gorgeous specimen. Everyone’s stalking him and gathering literally any sort of information they can get on this star (which mostly includes Googleing if he is single)   

So much, that people even want to understand the proper pronunciation of his name. And well, he explains it too. 

But like his name, his background has also been somewhat different. He was born to a Zimbabwean nurse and an English preacher in Zimbabwe and shifted to London when he was just 14. 

He is also biracial. Which not only made him a walking political statement but also introduced him to diverse cultures. 

But if his beautiful acting skills has made you believe that he was born to become an actor, well, his music career led him to that. 

Yep! This multitalented man had a punk band back in his teenage years. He sang, played the drums and even dyed his hair in different colours. (can.not.imagine.) This made him realize that his true calling was a career in the field of arts. 

So, yeah! After deciding that he wants to become an actor, he trained at one of the best drama schools in the world, the Drama Centre London. After which there was no looking back. 

He got into theatre, then switched to TV. He has starred in various shows before Bridgerton namely Waterloo Road, Roots, a Shonda Rhimes’ legal drama For The People. He also appeared in the Peter Jackson film Mortal Engines, and stars with Tessa Thompson in Sylvie’s Love.          

But among other things, what really and thoroughly caught our attention is that Page is also a sucker for romance and that is the reason he chose Bridgerton. Sigh!     

I’m a huge fan of romance as a concept. Romance is a wonderful thing and we need more of it in the world. 

So, do we need more reasons to stop gushing about him? No, really! Netizens have truly fallen for Regé-Jean Page and there are several tweets to prove that. 

BRB, just going to binge on Bridgerton for the 3rd time now. No biggie!