Remember that God creating me meme? ‘A bit of this, a bit of that, and whoops, God put too much of that one thing’? Wait, I’ll add it for your reference. 


Yeah, that one. Turns out that when a movie is created, something similar happens too. Writers go whoops and add too much of the same-old same-old. Here are few of such movie tropes that are so overdone that people are sick and tired of them.

1. When someone is stabbed/shot, limps around in pain for 30 seconds, then continues on as if nothing happened.
– FioreFalinesti

2. The broke “Single Mom” who looks like she could model for Victoria’s Secret. On the flip side, male gangsters, drug dealers or prisoners who look like they could win a state bodybuilding championship.
– Johhnymaddog316

Or the same broke single mom with an awesome house and perfect clothes/hair. Can’t they ever just dress like normal people and live in normal homes?
– Expensive_Structure2

3. Bombs with helpful colour-coded wires. Or, you know, time bombs with big visible LED timers counting helpfully down to zero.

4. There’s a pregnant woman and she goes into labor right at the worst possible time. For the drama of course.
– RogueKatt

5. You’re a jerk and I have no interest in you despite the fact that you are incredibly handsome, charming, and funny. We have to work together to save the world but make no mistake about it, I can’t stand you. Let’s just get this over with so I never have to see you again. Whoops, we fucked. I guess we’re in love now.
– DickySchmidt33

6. You know that hacker? The one that the CIA/NSA/FBI has been after for years? The one that crippled our national infrastructure just to prove they could? Yeah. It’s a kid.
– WatchTheBoom

7. I can’t kill this bad guy after killing all their henchmen, it would be wrong!
– Bbandcs

8. Going undercover in a prison but the only other person who knows is the warden, who just died. Pretty much any movie where the entire premise could have been avoided with a bit of planning or a tactful phone call.
– PaperbackBuddha

9. Evil guys making a speech before killing someone. Like, who’s there to listen? Unless they are aware of the fourth wall, which changes everything altogether.
– ofsquire

10. The romcom story of a guy who just has to try hard enough to get the girl, even though she said no at several occasions. In the end, his stalking and persisting is rewarded.
– lasselasseofficial

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