In the past couple of years, we’ve seen a rise in films and shows hiring intimacy coordinators. And we can’t say that this slow shift has gone unnoticed. Clearly, having an expert who not only makes sure the sex scenes turn out as authentic as possible but also makes the work space safer for all parties involved has given us better quality content.


Which is why we’ve listed down movies and shows that had intimacy coordinators on board. Perhaps you can see for yourself how that has translated in the entire film. 

1. Gehraiyaan

Gehraiyaan had three people working on how the intimacy and chemistry played out in the movie. Namely, Indian-Ukrainian screenwriter and film director Dar Ghai, intimacy coach Neha Vyas and intimacy coordinator Aastha Khanna. 

2. Sex Education

The name behind this famous teen show is Ita O’Brien. The intimacy director made sure that all the actors felt safe and that the working conditions only encouraged and helped everyone feel more comfortable. 

3. Euphoria

Amanda Blumenthal is the intimacy coordinator behind Euphoria’s sometimes intense, sometimes dreamy scenes. Apparently, she’s on set and present during all the scenes that require physical intimacy.

4. Sorry For Your Loss

Sorry For Your Loss revolves around a woman’s life journey as she processes the grief of loosing her husband and how it impacts other relationships in her life. Amanda Blumenthal was brought in as an intimacy coordinator for the show’s second season. 

5. The Affair

The Affair began airing in 2014, and is about extramarital relationships. Similar to Sorry For Your Loss, an intimacy coordinator (Amanda Blumenthal) was brought into the show much later, in the last season, to be precise. 

6. Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue stars Prateik Babbar, Neelay Mehendale and Anjali Sivaraman and revolves around a love triangle of a sort. Aastha Khanna was on board as an intimacy coordinator for this one.

7. Watchmen

This HBO series released in 2019. Alicia Rodis is the intimacy director behind the show. Interestingly, she was a stunt performer and fight director before she stepped into the role of directing intimate scenes on screen. 

8. Carnival Row

Carnival Row is a period drama fantasy set in the Victorian era. The show had Yarit Dor as an intimacy coordinator. Though it was only for certain scenes.

9. Westworld

About three years ago, a dispute about the amount of intimacy allowed on the Westworld set took place. And it’s definitely a good thing that they now have HBO’s inhouse intimacy coordinator Alicia Rodis on board for the project. 

10. Normal People

Normal People is a romance drama and it’s another project under Ita O’Brien’s belt. She’s spoken about making the environment and conditions safer for the actors on the show, as well. 

11. The Deuce

The Deuce is a show set in the 70s, 80s and it depicts a time when porn and prostitution were rampant in Manhattan, New York. It has also been coordinated by Alicia Rodis (of HBO).

Having intimacy coordinators for films and shows should be the norm.