It is common knowledge that big Hollywood flicks have huge production budgets. What with all the graphics, detailing, actors and locations, you can’t blame them for spending so much.

But in some cases, producers & directors have chosen to take the cheaper route instead. How, you ask? Easy! They just took footage from other movies and put them in theirs. So they saved time, effort and money.

Let’s take a look at few scenes that were shamelessly reused by other movies:

1. Well, to be fair they did put the robot in there.

2. But, no robot here.

3. Two movies that are actually worlds apart… Almost!

4. So basically just a closer ‘shot’ by the ‘Hitman’?

5. And he’s right on target again!

Oh by the way, Dark Angel was a series.

6. Come on guys, one is light and the other is dark.

7. If one outer space sci-fi flick can do it, why can’t the rest?

We are sure there are more, but those have probably skipped our notice. Let us know any others you may have spotted!