Movies have an important role in shaping our civilisation. But sometimes, they also affect people very directly. Case in point, some of the people that went to watch the following films, straight up died. 

1. The Conjuring 2

The movie was so scary that a 65-year-old man from Tamil Nadu collapsed and died before he could be taken to the hospital. But here’s the kicker. His body had to be transferred to another hospital but the driver just disappeared with the body after that!

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2. Raju Ghari Gadi

Whoever said Indian horror films are not that scary haven’t heard this story. The film tells the story of a few reality TV contestants trying to survive in a haunted house. However, for a 55-year-old man, the film was too much. Apparently, he was so scared that he tried to get out of the theatre twice but then changed his mind. When the lights came back, he was found passed out in his seat. He had suffered a heart attack and died during the screening. 


3. Aliens

M. Prabhakar was on a mission to complete a horror movie marathon, that included films like Blood, Ghost and Atmakatha. He went to the restroom, came back running and screaming, then later collapsed from shock in the common room of his hostel. His friends only noticed him after finishing the marathon but by then it was too late. 


4. The Passion Of The Christ

And you thought, only horror movies were meant to be on the list. Well, this Mel Gibson‘s biblical epic was criticised for its excessive use of gore. During one of its screenings in 2006, a 56-yea-old woman Peggy Scott suffered from a heart attack during the crucifixion and passed away. A month later, the incident repeated itself when a 43-year-old Brazilian pastor passed away in front of his whole congregation. 


5. Avatar

It doesn’t seem like a big deal now but when the movie released, it was some state of the art theatre. Unfortunately, the 3D visual effects proved to be too much for a 42-year-old Taiwanese man and he went into a cardiac stroke. He passed away 11 days later. 


6. Jaws

Again, this movie was pretty scary for its time. I mean, think about a time before CGI and all that crap. This movie could make you scared shitless, more so when you are in the first row. This person collapsed and despite the best efforts of a couple of doctors present at the theatre, the man could not be saved. 


7. The Creeping Unknown

This film is so old that the minimum age of the audience certificate that is used today didn’t even exist. Unfortunately, a 9-year-old went to a test screening. The boy was so frightened that one of his arteries ruptured and he passed away. 

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8. Grand Masti

Yup. A 22-year-old man died laughing while watching this film. He laughed so hard during the film that he suffered from a heart attack and passed away. 

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9. A Fish Called Wanda

Again, this was a comedy film and it was pretty damn good. In fact, it was so damn good that Danish audiologist, Ole Bentzen actually died laughing at a scene where characters shove french fries up each other’s noses. 


10. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

woman sneaked into the theatre to watch the film and was found dead with a bottle in her hand when the lights came back on. She had apparently drunk herself to death during the film. 


Making me think about all the time I casually said, ‘would die to watch this film’. NOPE! Never again.