Zubaan is a decidedly odd film. In her review Anupama Chopra says that it’s a coming of age story, but it’s also a musical with family drama that has warring sons, a cruel distant father figure and a malicious mother who doesn’t miss an opportunity to dig the knife deeper. 

The visuals are beautiful but also just flat out bizarre. the narrative is engaging but overwrought, she said. 

“It feels like director Mozez Singh started out with many good ideas but forced fed them all into one film, the result is a lukewarm mashup that never achieves lift off,” Chopra said. 

Vicky Kaushal plays Dilshed, a boy from Gurudaspur who comes to Delhi to chase his dreams. His character is interesting because Kaushal is a very compelling actor.

Zubaan starts out well enough, Mozez creates surges of emotions but the narrative is so disjointed that it dissipates quickly.  Though the film mainly takes place in Delhi and Gurudaspur the plot doesn’t seem tethered to any known reality,” Chopra added. 

Due to a lack of logic, consistency and depth Chopra gave it just two stars: