Remember the first episode of Sex and the City? Talking to Carrie, Samantha Jones described him as “the next Donald Trump but much better looking”?


Hello, Mr. Big!

Given the state now, it wouldn’t be the best thing to compare him to Donald Trump. But nevertheless, back in the day, Mr. Big was indeed the coolest guy in town. 

His intriguing personality coupled with his suave body language was simply magical on screen. No wonder, Carrie instantly fell for him. I mean, who wouldn’t?

When he entered a room, everyone turned around to look at him. 


Whatever we know of him though is because of Carrie

She narrated the show like a diary entry and throughout the show, we knew John James Preston as Mr. Big. She started referring to him as Mr. Big because of his larger-than-life personality and because she could never understand him completely. Frankly, neither did most of the audience. 


Carrie met Big and fell in love with him. But unfortunately, it wasn’t love at first sight for him!

He made it utterly clear that he wasn’t ready for a relationship, yet but his choice to not be in a relationship somehow translated to him being selfish. Why?

Mr. Big had a lot of emotional baggage. He was married before and post his divorce, he wasn’t ready to dive into another serious relationship soon after.

But he never misled Carrie either. 

The man was direct, straight forward and very clear about not naming her as ‘the one’.


Sadly, we hardly ever saw Carrie understanding his point of view. 

She called him self-centered and mean, over and over again and chose to see only what she wanted to. 

Yes, he had an affair with Carrie while he was married to Natasha but Carrie was no better. She was cheating on Aidan the whole time with him too! 

She was in a happy relationship with Aidan and yet, she chose to cheat. So why did she repeatedly blame Mr. Big for all the trouble?

How is Mr. Big the only bad guy here?


He was a strong, powerful guy who was genuinely confused about how he felt about Carrie. But he never lied about his feelings. If he wasn’t into her as much as she was, he told her. 

I mean what else is a guy supposed to say if he’s not into the girl? 

Carrie painted him as the devil who only walked in when she was doing well in her life and “shit all over it” but in fact, he only came in, when she let him.


Mr. Big was highly misunderstood as the man who never took anyone else’s feelings into account. He was looked at as a man so self-centered, he would just move out of the country without discussing it with a girl he’d just started dating. 

But when he realised he was in love, he flew to Paris to get her back too. No brownie points for that?

Carrie made us believe that she was stuck in a masochist relationship but we never heard what Mr. Big had to say. 

Yet, he won us over, every single time!