With great fame comes a whole lot of expensive habits and life choices. At least, that’s the case most of the time. We see celebrities driving fancy cars, popping champagne by the bottle, and doing most everyday activities in a different league than everyone else, which is totally cool, I mean it’s their lives. It’s nice to see some of these moneyed folks behaving like the rest of us plebs once in a while though. It’s endearing, relatable and honestly, kind of rare.

One such dude is MS Dhoni, captain cool in every sense of the word. He recently uploaded a picture of himself getting a simple haircut at what we presume is his own home. No frills!

Dhoni’s hairdos have been a source of a lot of talk over the years, and considering his keen eye for style, I’m guessing people assumed he frequented some kind of fancy salon every weekend or so. This picture, however, tells a different story, easily proving that he is, in fact, the down-to-earth, effortlessly cool cricket god we all love to watch on the field.