Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan is quite the ‘record-breaker’, especially when it comes to selling bizarre in the name of creativity. The superstar Baba has earned an unusual place for himself in the minds of the public, one where the lines between good and bad blur like how. And, there’s no stopping him either. 

Recently we saw the trailer of his upcoming film, MSG The Warrior – “LION HEART” which blew our minds with the trippy VFX and berserk aesthetics. Towards the end of the trailer, we discovered that Superstar Baba redefined the word ‘multitasking.’ Because apart from just acting, he did all this for the movie:


While we were still trying to figure how one would ever come close to such high standards of multitasking, a fan page dedicated to MSG has brought another fact to light.

MSG Fan’s is a hardcore fan website dedicated to Saint Gurmeet and it claims that their beloved baba-turned-actor has broken Jackie Chan’s record of having the maximum film credits for his movie Chinese Zodiac. 

This by the way, is a Guinness World Record, where Jackie Chan holds 15 credits, some of them being those of the actor, director, writer, producer, cinematographer, art director, etc.

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Now technically, if one thinks about it, Saint Gurmeet does break Chan’s record, by double. 

But honestly, what’s the point of doing things when they’re going to end up being the butt of all jokes, right?

Don’t believe us? Decide for yourself:

He’s the costume designer and here’s what he designed:

He’s also the VFX creative director and well, this happens:

And you guessed it right, he’s also the make-up and hair designer, which to be honest is where he exhausted all his creativity:


Then again, who are we to judge! We’ll just leave it to the guys at Guinness to decide.