In case you’re missing those creepy society uncles spewing sexist comments under the garb of wisdom every morning, then we have something for you.  

In WTF news, Mukesh Khanna, your friendly neighbourhood Shaktimaan, has made a misogynistic statement in his YouTube video that will make you regret your devotion to Shaktimaan.

In the video, Khanna said that if a woman wants sex then she is running a dhanda. Yes, you read it right.

In the video, the actor talks about comments on social media posts, in which a user entices unwary men by expressing a wish to talk to them or extending an invitation for sex. So, uncleji literally categorised every woman wanting sex under that bracket. NGL, only a sex-deprived man could utter this. 

Netizens are going berserk over this video and honestly same. 


In all honesty, boomers should literally stay away from discussing sex online. Just peddle the ‘bachhe toh photosynthesis se paida hote hai’ shit, you do that well.