With all their enthusiasm and passion, a Mumbai based dance group– V Unbeatable has globally won hearts, yet again with their semi-final performance in America’s Got Talent. 


The troupe got a standing ovation by the judges as they performed to Ranveer Singh’s and Arjun Kapoor’s ‘Jashn-E-Ishqa’. 


Their heart-thumping acrobats and coordinated flips along with their rhythmic coordination has gotten them closer to the grand finale which is a week away. 


In fact, the group received the golden buzzer by Dwayne Wades– guest judge and a former NBA all-star player for their previous performance in the season.

Stunned by their heart-stopping acrobatics and their flips, Simon Cowell mentioned: 

These are times when I believe that we probably need each other because trust me, we need you and I hope we can do something back in return for you.

-Simon Cowell

The group of 29 dancers dedicated their on-stage performance to their late group member– Vikas, who passed away a while back. 

As a tribute, every member’s costume has Vikas’s name engraved at the back.


Watch their killer semi-finale performance here: 


We CANNOT wait to see their performance in the grand finale.