While critics and audiences have commended both Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani for their tremendous acting in the movie, the problematic portrayal of Shahid Kapoor’s titular character of Kabir Singh has raised a lot of questions about whether it is sending out the right message about relationships. 

Kabir Singh has made quite a name for itself, for all the right and the wrong reasons. 


The movie is now under fire yet again, this time by a doctor from Mumbai. Reportedly, Dr. Pradeep Gadge, a leading diabetologist, has filed a complaint against the makers of the movie for portraying doctors in a negative light. The character of Kabir Singh, an alcoholic doctor, is being criticised for shining a bad light on the entire medical profession.

The Mumbai-based doctor has filed the complaint with the Mumbai Police. He has also written a letter to the central Health Minister, Information and Broadcasting Ministry, State Health Ministry, and the Censor Board of Film Certification in a bid to stop the screening of this film. 

Dr. Gadge has also spoken out on Twitter about the issue.