Mumbai Police is ‘cool’. I mean, it’s not like they are going to give a pass on smoking up or being a pervert, but they will normally have a cool meme to go with taking your a** to prison. This time, they have really outdone themselves. 

Tech Outlook

Mumbai Police has come together to record a rendition of the Kishore Kumar classic – Mere Sapno ki Raani!


And it’s gooood! You know, it happens so many times that we get viral videos of people singing something and we have to say it’s cool but it’s really not that good and we still have to be respectful! Yeah, this is not one of those cases. This is actually quite good!

They even edited it to the video of the real song. God, this makes me so nostalgic, like watching Rangoli on Sundays. 


Hey, you don’t have to agree with us, there’s already a legion that does!

You can watch the whole video here: 

I wasn’t kidding when I said, it was goood, was I?