The Mumbai Police has said that actor Om Puri’s death was a case of accidental death as the post-mortem report reportedly suggested a minor head injury. 

Om Puri’s driver Ram Mishra and producer Khalid Kidwai were reportedly questioned by the police as both were with the actor a night before his death. 

b’Nandita and Ishan/Image Source: PTI’

According to a report filed by Mumbai Mirror, the actor, accompanied by Khalid Kidwai, desperately wanted to meet his son Ishan the night before he passed away, but it didn’t happen as he was out with his mother. 

The report quoted the producer as saying that after an argument Puri poured himself a drink and waited but after they failed to turn up they left.

b’Nandita and Ishan/ Image Source: PTI’

The Tribune reports that the driver Ram Mishra dropped Om Puri back to his home late on Thursday night and was to pick him up the next morning. 

But when he returned on Friday, Puri didn’t answer the door and he asked for help from the neighbours, who called the police. Puri was found lying in the kitchen with blood on the floor as he might have hit his head.

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Om Puri’s post-mortem was conducted at Cooper Hospital and hospital authorities had informed the Oshiwara police that the actor died of a heart attack, but the statement was not recorded. 

And now, according to Hindustan Times, the viscera samples of Puri have been sent to the forensic science laboratory at Kalina to ascertain the cause of death and the final result is expected in two weeks.

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With inputs from PTI.