Lock Upp is one of the most talked about TV shows at the moment. From its announcement to the finale, a lot of interesting things happened on the show. And right now, it seems as though the audience can’t get enough of the winner, Munawar Faruqui.

The stand up comedian and writer won everyone’s hearts with his authenticity, kindness and sweet antics. Which is why, we’ve listed down all the times Faruqui kept things real and won the janta over with his gentleness and love. Take a look.

1. When Faraqui broke down in tears and talked about missing his parents. 

This was when Karan Kundrra came forward and comforted him, hugged him and told him that the entire country cries when he cries. 

Jab tu hasta hai na, to puri country hasti hai. Aaj tu ro raha hai na, puri country aur mai bhi ro raha hu.

-Karan Kundrra

2. When the stand-up comedian and writer poured his heart out on national television and recited shayari.

And as he did, other contestants praised him for every word of it. In fact, it is safe to say that he pretty much won the hearts of the entire nation all over again. 


3. When he consoled Sara Khan. 

Both of them have been like family to each other throughout the show and Munawar’s sweet approach to Sara Khan literally melted everyone’s hearts to the ground. 


4. When he talked about iftar food like a true foodie. 

Faruqui’s food wish list just kept getting bigger and bigger! But, this was another really endearing side of Munawar’s that the audience enjoyed watching. 

5. All the times he dropped gems of wisdom. 

In this moment the poet in him really shined through as he talked about the risk of being prideful with Payal Rohatgi. 


6. When the stand up comedian talked about his experience of being in jail.

He talked about how difficult it was for him in jail, how he spent time pacing, wondering when he will be able to leave. Clearly, Faruqui was distressed and under a lot of pressure while he was in there.

Seeing his popularity, it feels that he was always the winner of the show.