I’m a hardcore conspiracy theorist. From the moon landing being faked to the Illuminati controlling the government; each time I am on the Internet, I just put on my tin foil hat and fall down these dark holes. Just when I thought that I knew all conspiracy theories, I stumbled upon the theory of this mysterious man who is controlling our very own Bollywood celebrities! 

Yes! Since Monday, several celebrities have Facebooked/Instagrammed/Tweeted about this man called ‘Kaleen Bhaiya’. 

The tweets are cryptic. I mean, we can see that they are clearly referring to him in some context, but the identity of this man and his purpose remains a mystery. 

The conspiracy theorist in me couldn’t keep calm. So I put my detective hat on and began researching this mystery. First, I went to the social media accounts of the celebs who were posting such cryptic tweets. 

Jana toh padega…Kaleen Bhaiya ne bulaya hai

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I read the posts closely and analyzed them. I found a pattern that was common in all of them.

There were mainly 3 types of references to Kaleen Bhaiya in all of the posts: one, where the celeb would ask ‘Kaleen bhaiya kaun hai?‘, another where the celeb would say ‘Kaleen bhaiya ka adesh hai’ and third where the celebs proudly proclaim ‘Kaleen bhaiya ne bulaya hai‘! Don’t believe me? Here are some of them:

Well, that raises more questions than it answers. But what I can decipher from these tweets is that this Kaleen Bhaiya is a powerful and influential man who controls these celebs. I mean, why else would the who’s who of Bollywood follow the order of this man unless he is powerful?

Every Indian who follows any Indian celeb on social media is probably wondering “Kaun hai ye Kaleen Bhaiya”

The plot thickens. The mystery intensifies. Questions remained unanswered. Out of all the conspiracy theories I have heard about, I just can’t wrap my head around this one. 

I had reached a dead end but I was far from giving up. I did a lot of digging and some old school research. Finally, I came across a video on the Internet where Kaleen Bhaiya, the man himself talked and addressed those of us who have been waiting to hear from him with bated breath. His voice was enough to conclude that he is a man who is capable of being ruthless and other scary things. Don’t believe me? Watch and judge for yourself: 

So we heard him speak! But the overall mystery of ‘Who is Kaleen Bhaiya?’ remains. I swear, someday I will find the answer to this question. FYI, during my research, I also learnt about Mirzapur which happens to be a lawless land filled with moments of heart-pounding action where the only rules are laid by none other than Kaleen Bhaiya. A business of weapons and ammunition that is brushed under the carpet, Kaleen Bhaiya makes it clear that his word is set in stone – either you’re with him, or against him.

Keep looking for him, guys! If you find him, comment below. 

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