'Nadaan Parindey, Aaja' And Take This Ultimate 'Rockstar' Quiz

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If your heart still beats a little faster every time Jordan strums the chords on his guitar, then take this quiz:  

1. Who gives this advice to Jordan: Toote hue dil se hi sangeet nikalta hai.

2. Which rockstar inspires Jordan?

3. Which college is Heer from?

4. Where do Heer and Jordan meet after her marriage?

5. Who informs Jordan of the tour in Prague?

6.  Where does Jordan first stay after being kicked out of his house?

7. What name does Dhingra give to Jordan's album, after Jordan is arrested in India?

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8. Who signs Jordan for his first album?

9. What was Khatana's profession, before he became Jordan's manager?

10. Which movie do Heer and Jordan go to see?

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11. Which is the first song that Jordan sings in the film?

12. What is Jordan's real name?

So, did you give a rocking performance?


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