Disclaimer: The following post contains spoilers from Money Heist Season 4. 

It’s been two days since I watched the last episode of the latest season of Money Heist, but somehow, I still can’t get over Nairobi’s fate. (Why are show writers so sadistic?)


But while Nairobi was the ultimate badass, the only thing more amazing than her was the friendship she shared with Helsinki. 

Because Nairobi and Helsinki’s friendship was a beautiful reminder of how, sometimes, our friends do indeed become our family. 

In Season 1, when the two first met, they were just colleagues who got along well. While no one can deny that Nairobi was a badass boss woman all the way, she was also the most loyal, level-headed person of the group – whose sole reason for the first heist was love for her child. 


Helsinki, for all the appearance of a tough ‘macho’ man, is a softie at heart. And the one who can perfectly manage his emotions and his work. 


Both Nairobi and Helsinki lost something in the first heist, and that’s what first got them together. Helsinki loses his cousin and friend Oslo, and Nairobi’s original plan to rescue her child remains on hold.

Helsinki’s shy offer to Nairobi about living together was the start of a beautiful friendship that allowed the two to be themselves and yet enjoy each other’s company. 

From staying together to experiencing different cultures to being each other’s rock, the two had the best time of their lives after the first heist ended. Because that is just how comfortable they were in each other’s company. 

For obvious reasons, desire did not have a role to play in their friendship, but that did not mean their love for each other was any less strong. 

And yet, Helsinki is the one who encourages Nairobi to still look for her own love story, and not settle for friendship. 

But, Nairobi’s dreams and desires were different. Her love for Helsinki wasn’t motivated by sexual attraction, but rather by camaraderie, comfort, and a sense of belonging.

This is why when Palermo disregards Helsinki’s feelings, she stands up for him even when he does not. 

Simply put, Nairobi and Helsinki may have desired other people, but they loved each other. The kind of love that is made of respect, understanding, and in their case, participating in elaborate heists. 

After all, Helsinki is the one Nairobi asks to give hell to Gandia when she is tied up, being hurt by Gandia. And Helsinki is the one who carries her, in his arms, after she is ruthlessly executed. 

That last moment, as he carries her in his arms, is an indication of how friendship can indeed be just as powerful, strong, loving, and life-affirming as romantic love. 

This one is for Nairobi and Helsinki, two characters who reminded us that not every love story is about romance. Some times, it can simply be about friendship too. 

All images are screenshots from Netflix, unless specified otherwise.