What is the first thing you notice when you go on a date with someone? Is it their shoes? Or the dress they are wearing? Or is it their height? If you have one of the aforementioned answers, you clearly need to catch up with the latest trends. There’s a new dating show on television on which people choose their partners by checking out their genitals first. Just when we thought Tinder is bold, this happened.

Unbelievable? Well, check out the trailer then.


Source: Channel 4

The contestant is shown six naked people, bit by bit (starting with the genitals) and they have to eliminate one person after every round. The last man standing would win a date with the contestant. The contestant then have to get naked themselves and hug the date they’ve selected. Only after this, they go on a normal fully-clothed date. It’s like the Benjamin Button of the dating scene.


Channel 4 was quite active on Twitter, promoting the show with weird polls and graphics.

Although, people reacted to the show in a different manner.

Would you be interested in watching this strange, strange show?