Celebrities usually tread very cautiously when asked about their views on religion. Fearing outrage of any sort most famous names keep their ideologies to themselves. The fear of being misinterpreted is always a concern.

But trust, actor par excellence, Nawazuddin Siddiqui to do things differently just to make a point. The actor posted a video on his Facebook page talking about what religion he endorses. And the results are indeed heartwarming.

The actor posted a video talking about his DNA in the most innovative way.

Here’s what he conveyed while donning the attire of all religion: 

Nawazuddin is currently busy shooting for Nandita Das’ directorial film Manto, in which he portrays the titular role of Sadat Hasan Manto, an iconic author. 

(Feature Image Source: Facebook/Nawazuddin Siddique)