The only thing constant is change. And the only thing changing every 2 seconds is our mood. It swings, bounces, and occasionally even pivots. But we don't think it counts as cardio! *Clicks tongue*

Making up our mind when we have an ever-changing mood is super annoying. Even more when we're deciding what to watch online. We often waste a perfectly fine day browsing through a list of shows and movies, before finally giving up and settling for our same old comfort show. Not fair right? 

*There There!* Amazon Prime Video understands our helplessness and has come up with the perfect solution — with content for all our moods. We just need to swipe right on our current mood on their website, and there's a plethora of shows and movies we can pick from. Isn't that great? So, with Amazon Prime Video asking each one of us ‘What’s Your Mood?’, here’s a curated list of titles for each of our different moods.

1. When we're in the mood for some love

We can celebrate romance with or without our special one with these selected titles. 

Our top pick:Bandish Bandits


And if you're still feeling mushy in love, then check these out too: No Strings AttachedFour More Shots PleaseModern Love & Chemical Hearts

2. When we're in a happy af mood

When we're happy and we know it, we can watch these shows and movies to get even happier. 

Our top pick:  The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


Other rib tickling shows and movies to check out: FleabagOne Mic StandPanchayat & Hostel Daze.

3. When we're feeling a bit emotional 

Not all days are chirpy. So it's ok to feel a bit low? Especially, when we have some heartwarming shows and movies to cheer us up.  

Our top pick: Fleabag 


Want to glow up a bit more? Check out these too: ParasiteOne Mic StandThe Marvellous Mrs Maisel & Get Duked

4. When we're in the mood to be shook

For all those times when we're looking for some thriller to spice things up? Check out our list of shows and movies to watch. 
Our top pick: Utopia 


Still craving for a more spine chilling watch? Here are some recommendations: JokerThe PurgeIT: Chapter TwoInsidious Chapter Two

5. When we're feeling savage

We can totally take on this world and no bad men can ever get in our way. Here's a list for some inspiration.

Our top pick: Paatal Lok


Other recommendations for our badass soul: The BoysAll or Nothing: Manchester CityThe Test & Four More Shots Please 

6. When we're tired and want to unwind

So it's been a looong day. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. 

Our top pick: Amazon Funnies


Not going to bed anytime soon? Check these out too: UtopiaGet Duked, One Mic Stand & The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

7. When we're just too excited and want to live up this moment

We only live once. So we should make every moment count, yes even while we're watching something online. 


Here are some other recommendations that will leave one brimming with energy: The Marvelous Mrs MaiselBandish BanditsWorld's Toughest Race and Four More Shots Please 

8. When we're feeling curious

Our inquisitive soul is not going to rest anytime soul. We're always in search of an answer? Let's see if we have it here.


Other shows and movies that might be of some interest: Gully BoyThe BoysAll In: The Fight For Democracy & The Test

9. When we're in beastmode

Reeling with anger? Time to drop the heat. 

Our top pick: Jack Ryan 


Other titles to check out when we're craving some action: MirzapurBirds of PreyJokerThe Boys

10. When we're struck by boredom 

Stop yawning, because this list will totally have us falling off the couch.

Our top pick: The Big Bang Theory


And for more entertainment, entertainment & entertainment: FleabagOne Mic StandGet Duked Utopia

Life seems so much more sorted now. Doesn't it? We definitely feel much more excited for the coming weekend, when we can curl up on our couch and do nothing all day. 

And the best part, we can finally quit racking our brains over what to watch and head over to Amazon Prime Video, to catch the best of entertainment anytime, anywhere.