Neeraj Ghaywan’s Masaan is one of those films that not only touched many hearts, but also managed to stay with a lot of people. Whether it’s the subtlety of the story or the actors, everything manages to develop a deep connect, still. A lot has been said and written about the film, but nothing will probably be enough for a long time.

Source: Variety

After the immense love and appreciation that Masaan has received from the audiences and critics, the film has scored yet another fan. Neeraj Ghaywan shared how Martin Scorsese had watched the film and emailed him about it. He added that this sentence and the fact that he watched the film, still feels unreal to him. The director also shared a screenshot of the note, where Scorsese had mentioned that it was beautifully made. And well, we couldn’t agree more.

While we have similar feelings as the legendary director, about Neeraj Ghaywan’s work, it’s definitely a milestone to be seen and appreciated by him – specifically when it was Ghaywan’s directorial debut.

And now, Twitter is falling in love with the film all over again.

The film truly deserves the love that it has garnered.