We remember Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai as it gave us Hrithik’s debut and a bunch of real catchy songs, amid some good ol’ Bollywood cringe. Its storyline follows your average Bollywood masala. Hero dies, hero’s lookalike comes into heroine’s life, yada yada yada. You know the drill.

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However, a Twitter user, Jackie J. Thakkar, refreshed the memory of an abandoned KNPH character, Sonia’s cousin/friend, Neeta. Whatever happened to her?

Imagine the level of tolerance she had for Sonia’s theatrics. 

She has your bacc, she respeccs, but most importantly she introduces you to snaccs.

Not inviting her to your engagement, Soniya? That was a real low.

Netizens agree-

Not cool, Bollywood. Can we just resurrect cool side characters like Neeta, who were nothing but supportive, but were abandoned by the plotline as soon as they served their purpose?