Talent can be found anywhere. Especially when it comes to children. It could be found in the kid next door or in one miles away. And now because of the internet, we’re lucky to be seeing so many people share their talents and gifts with the world. This is exactly what these kids from Nellore are doing anyway. 


Laayiq Shaikh and Kiran M work together with their other friends from the village to recreate action scenes from South Indian films. Then they upload those videos to their channel on YouTube. Their most recent video, a fight recreation scene from the Telugu film Krack has 8.1 million views! While Laayiq edits the videos, Kiran directs them, and man, have they got skills. 


Kiran works at a tea shop for his day job, and whenever the two get time after work, they take a day or two to shoot a video, and around three hours editing it. Laayiq uses the Kinemaster software on his mobile phone to edit the very same videos. The videos have gained so much popularity that even director Anil Ravipudi shared a video of theirs complimenting it. The two reportedly would even like to work in the film industry one day! Well, we hope they do get the opportunity because they’re too darn good to not be doing that! 

You can watch a video by them here. 

Here’s how much love and recognition the teenagers are receiving online!

Somebody hire them, take them in as apprentices or something!