Roses are red.
And spoilers are ahead. 

If it’s been long since you watched a wholesome romantic comedy, then brace your sappy heart because Netflix is here with another blast- Always Be My Maybe. Featuring Ali Wong, Randall Park, and Michelle Buteau, you can already bet that film’s going to be a riot. And remember Dopinder from Deadpool? Yep, our boy has a role in it too. 

The story starts with Sasha (Ali Wong), as a child, bonding with Marcus (Randall Park) and his family, because her parents were not usually at home. Marcus’ mother dies in an accident when they both hit teenage. And, also they have sex. It’s awkward, of course. 

Some 15 years later, Sasha is this celebrity chef, whereas Marcus fixes air conditioners with his dad. He also has a band, by the way. 

One thing leads to another, and they find their way back to each other, at least as friends. But then, Keanu Reeves as Keanu Reeves enters the scene. Will these two admit that they have been in love with each other since they were kids or not? 
While the story-line is not extraordinary, it’s these treats that make this film worth a watch-

1. When Sasha lip syncs to D’Angelo, which leads to some good ol’ backseat sexy times.

After Marcus’ mother dies, Sasha takes him out to support him and make him feel better. They play D’Angelo’s Untitled (How Does It Feel?), which I think, it’s safe to say, was the song we all had our sexual awakening to. 

Sasha lip-syncing to this song without knowing the lyrics was relatability level max.

2. This Burger King scene where the waiter senses the tension and converts it into a reason to sell a whopper.

After their very first sexy times, Sasha and Marcus get hungry for some burgers. However, they have a huge fight at the outlet and Sasha leaves. 

At this moment the attendant comes, offering food to go. This, by the way, is a legit mood. I can’t even.

3. When Veronica, played by Michelle Butea, light-heartedly calls out unrealistic pregnancy beauty goals.

Veronica, Sasha’s best friend, is pregnant. In a passing comment, she takes a dig at Kate Middleton for looking ‘flawless’ in her post-delivery pictures.


4. Marcus’ father shipping Sasha and him together was basically all of us stanning.

When Sasha briefly moves to San Francisco to open a restaurant, she bumps into Marcus and his father. His father, without caring how awkward it gets for these ex-lovebirds, reminisces how close they used to be together.

Netflix screenshot

5. This scene where Marcus’s friend doesn’t know how to react to Veronica being a lesbian.

Karan Soni (AKA Dopinder), who plays Marcus’ band-member, gets visibly uncomfortable knowing Veronica’s sexuality. The scene light-heartedly calls out faux liberals.

6. When Sasha says ‘I’m gonna die all alone, all by myself, in complete, utter, and deafening silence’, we all felt it.

After breaking up with her fiance, Brandon, played by Daniel Dae Kim, Sasha enters this dejected mood. 

Sister, we’ve all been there. I, for one, live there. I even own property there.

Netflix screenshot

7. When Sasha takes a dig at the idea of ‘strong women as trophies’ in a relationship.

Sasha, a celebrity chef, realises that her fiance was basically with her because she made him look good. Relationship was all about ‘branding’ for him.

8. When Keanu Reeves enters the scene and time slows down to allow us a moment to soak in every moment of Keanu Reeves being ‘Keanu Reeves’. 

Also, did I mention Keanu Reeves?


Also, according to Vulture, Wong said the idea behind Keanu being the ‘first choice’ for this role was to reclaim him as Asian-American. Keanu has also often spoken about his Chinese-Hawaiian heritage.

9. When Keanu whispers sweet-nothings in Sasha’s ear, during their double date with Marcus and Jenny.

Can’t feel the cringe when it’s Keanu saying things. 

10. Marcus’ reacting to pretentious food menus during the restaurant scene was pure gold.

11. When Marcus can’t help but gloat, ‘I punched Keanu Reeves’.

Netflix screenshot

12. The strong moments of representation of Asian culture as not identical, but diverse.

Netflix screenshot

13. When Marcus can’t comprehend why would Sasha ignore him, but would also buy his band’s merchandise. And Veronica comes with this gem, that basically describes all our crushes-

Also, did anyone get Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky’s hot tub bath scene vibes? Literal chills.


14. When Marcus proposes to Sasha in front of everyone, accepting her for who she is.

‘I want to have a lot of sex with you.’ ‘I probably should have left the sex part out’.

15. When Sasha draws inspiration for her new restaurant’s menu from Marcus’ late mother’s recipes.

Last but not the least, the name of the film itself is perfect. My next Insta caption, thank you very much.