A lot of the maniacs who continually prophesied about the apocalypse are doing a real ‘I told you so’ routine right about now. We’ve got something resembling a plague, there’s locusts, there’s death and panic everywhere – it’s a mess. But wait, there’s more!

Were you aware that Netflix’s time-twisting saga Dark had claimed that June 27th 2020 will be the day of the apocalypse. Less than a month away, and it sure feels like we’re getting there! 

In fact, we’re well on our way to global meltdown. Literally, the ice caps are melting. We really should have taken climate change seriously like way earlier. But coming back to Dark – the first 2 seasons really built up to the date of the end of the world. Now we’re a month away, and it’s a little unsettling how shit the world is… almost like they predicted it.


June 27th is also the day that the 3rd and final season of the show drops. It’d kinda suck if the world did end on that day – we’d never get to see what happens on the show! 

The point is, it’s a little disconcerting that there’s an apocalyptic prediction so soon. With everything that’s happening around us, it feels scary.

Dark Netflix

Even if you don’t believe in the end of days and all that, things have gotten so bad globally that we don’t want to take any chances. You don’t want to test the theory by mocking it, if you know what I mean.

 In Endings and Beginnings, the final episode of Season 2, the apocalypse is shown as being brought about by a combination of events through timelines – the activation of multiple God Particles, the paradoxical mother and daughter touching through a portal, and the opening of mysterious yellow barrels. 

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While our apocalypse might not be as convoluted and confusing, it’s still looking like it’s coming. Just open a newspaper and you’ll know!

The point is, I really hope Dark just pulled that date out of thin air – after all, it’s pretty creepy how the world feels like it’s about to end already.