Netflix’s Dark has come to a close, and our minds are still reeling from everything that went down. The German time-travelling saga has cemented its place as one of the great shows of our time, but it’s not just the storyline and the writing that’s being praised, it’s also the stellar casting. 

Just look at Jonas. It certainly looks like the Kahnwald gene continued. 

The casting directors have done an immensely commendable job. It’s not often you see such perfect people chosen to play their older selves.

Case in point – Aleksander Tiedemann. The eyebrows, the pupils, the mouth – everything looks the same! How did they find these guys?!

They even got Bartosz right, down to the highly distinguishing indent in the brows. It’s honestly impossible to describe how they look similar, but they do.

Then there’s Ulrich, who’s fate one wouldn’t wish on anyone. They got someone who looks so much like an older him, square face and everything.

And don’t forget Katharina, who’s younger self is a bang on match for the older one.

While young Peter doesn’t feature much on the show, it’s astounding just how similar he looks to the middle-aged version. Like what?!

And Helge… if you didn’t know they were played by different people, you’d assume they just used some kind of special effects to de-age him.

All in all, the casting deserves a whole lot of praise – it meant they didn’t just have to stick to gimmicky hairstyles for viewers to remember who was who. Obviously, the credit goes to Simone Bär, the casting director who managed these uncanny doppelgangers. Thanks for making an already great show that much more amazing!