Netflix is set to release a Samurai docu-drama that’s being termed as a real-life Game of Thrones and has taken inspiration from Japanese art and noir graphic novels.

According to Unilad, Netflix’s upcoming series, titled Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan is a medieval age story based on a similar conflict between hungry warlords and clans like the one we saw in Westeros.  


However, there’s more in this docu-drama that is said to be both educational and entertaining, reports Unilad

That’s because it isn’t just all about killing and snatching the throne, but a well detailed introduction to Japan’s feudal system.

With the education coming from Japan’s feudal system, the entertainment comes from the main character of this docu-drama, named the One-Eyed Dragon, something that’s also Game of Thrones-esque. 

Date Masamune as he was originally known, was a warlord who plucked out his own eye to combat smallpox infection. 


An iconic figure in Japansese history, Masamune or the One-Eyed Dragon, is credited as being one of the three founding fathers of Japan and who fought for the unification of their nation 400 years ago.


The show does not yet have an official release date but it is currently being filmed in Japan, the U.S. and Canada and is expected to air later this year. 

I can’t wait.