As I sit here in an air-conditioned office, look into my laptop and type in English – there are many things I take for granted. A comfortable upbringing, access to English education, and the multiple sources of knowledge which not everyone is privy to. Poverty is a vicious cycle. Not many are like you and I, they struggle every day for survival.

The new Netflix documentary Daughters of Destiny directed by Oscar winning Vanessa Roth traces the journey of Shanti Bhavan – a unique co-ed school in Tamil Nadu which is changing lives of the ‘poorest of the poor’. The documentary traces the journey of 5 girls, over the course of 7 years.

The school was established in 1997 by The George Foundation founded by Dr Abraham George. It offers an insight into the remarkable story of children in need, through some truly trying times. The strength and power of the girls’ own storytelling and dramatic experiences over the 7 years of filming from the gates of Shanti Bhavan, will move you to tears.

Here’s the trailer for the documentary –

AR Rahman has composed the music for the documentary. Daughters of Destiny comes out on Netflix on July 28.