When Netflix dropped its trailer for its latest documentary Dogs or should we call it ‘dogumentary’, we knew it’s going to make us ugly cry for sure. 

This documentary series is a collection of six stories about six different dogs around the world, guaranteeing to move you to tears.  

But the one story that is capable of giving you an emotional outburst is the second episode – Bravo, Zeus’

The story revolves around a Syrian refugee, Ayham, who has taken asylum in Germany. Even though life is much better for him now, the one thing holding him back from being truly happy is the fact that his dog, Zeus is stuck in Syria with his best friend, Amer. And we all know the war situation in Syria is a death threat to every life present there, humans and animals alike.

At the beginning of the episode, you are troubled by the fact that Ayham is all alone in a foreign land with no family and that he hasn’t seen Zeus in almost two years. 

But a sense of relief embraces you after knowing that Zeus isn’t alone out there. Ayham’s best friend, Amer is taking care of Zeus and giving him all the love that he needs.

The whole episode revolves around how Ayham is trying to get Zeus to Germany and the obstacles that are faced by him and others who are helping him on this mission.

It almost breaks your heart when the rescue team manages to get Zeus to Lebanon but their plans of getting him to Germany face an unexpected setback. 

But a sigh of relief comes over when they finally figure out another way to get Zeus to Ayham. It’s almost as if you feel every emotion that is shown on the screen in your heart. The tension, the nervousness, the not-knowing part…everything makes you bite your nails.

And when the time finally arrives when Ayham is reunited with Zeus, emotions overwhelm you. The moment when Zeus runs over to him and starts crying is the ultimate tear-jerking part of the episode.

Watching Ayham finally take Zeus home is one of the most emotional moments of the episode because that’s precisely what he had been waiting for ever since he escaped from Syria. It’s like he was finally whole.

But no matter how ecstatic you would get about Zeus finally being with Ayham, you can’t help but feel sad for Amer, who took care of Zeus like his own. But luckily, Amer also escapes from Syria and reaches Lebanon, giving us the hope that he will be reunited with Zeus too.

The episode ends with Ayham living the life he always wanted with Zeus and finally being at a place in his life where he’s content and complete.

If you want to cry happy tears, make sure to add this episode to your binge-watch list.

All images are sourced from Netflix.